Five reasons to visit King's Cross this Summer

Previously home to dodgy sandwich chains and the usual train station offerings, King's Cross has had a serious cultural explosion in the past two years. Now home to some of London’s best restaurants, a bee trail, a whole square of fountains and most importantly, THE Platform 9 ¾, we guarantee there are many good summer weekends to be had here…

1. Granary Square Screens

Granary Square

If you miss out on Centre Court tickets, get yourself down to King's Cross to watch Wimbledon on one of the biggest and best screens in Central London – for free! The Pimm’s will be flowing and there’s traditional strawberries and cream on offer, and plenty of bars and restaurants around to celebrate (or commiserate…) into the evening.

2. Keep Fit

Keep fit in Kings Cross

Whip yourself into shape for bikini season and get some fresh air with the King's Cross outdoor fitness programmes. The free bi-weekly running club is a good place to start, or the more ambitious can sign up for Moe’s Bootcamp. German Gymnasium is getting in on the action too, with a Voga, Splash & Brunch event – strike a few poses, go for a dip in the pool and then head to the Grand Café for brunch.

3. Platform 9 ¾

Platform 9 3/4

All real Harry Potter fan know that King's Cross station is where the students catch the Hogwarts Express. Unfortunately in the real station, platforms 9 and 10 are separated by tracks, but keep your eyes peeled for a trolley embedded in a wall and a small sign post for ‘9 ¾’ – photo opps galore! There’s even a Harry Potter shop where you can buy all the wands, horcruxes and golden snitches you ever wanted.

4. Bee Trail 

Kings Cross Bee Trail

If you’ve missed the buzz (see what we did there) about the bees dying out, you must have been living under a rock. Educate yourself here, then get down to the King's Cross Bee Trail to do something about it. Download the app and take part in some citizen science by counting the bees to unlock special vouchers from the surrounding restaurants.

5. German Gymnasium

German Gymnasium

The jewel in the King's Cross crown (we’re not biased at all) is obviously German Gymnasium! Located in a Grade II listed building, the converted gym is now home to a banging restaurant, two bars, the all-day Grand Café and a sunny terrace. The broad-ranging menus feature classic Mittel-European dishes as a nod to the site’s German heritage, an exciting Berlin Brunch pop-up and some seriously good cocktails…