World Gin Day

The frequency of national/international this-that-the-next-thing day seems to have seriously increased in 2016, but World Gin Day appears to be one of the more legit ones. With an actual website that declaring the celebration to be in its 8th year of celebrating, we are more than happy to use it as an excuse for a gin or two (not that we needed one). Here’s our top spots to get your gin fix this year:

Launceston Place

Launceston Place

These guys don’t just make banging cocktails, they actually made their own LP Gin. With the help of the Portobello Road Ginstitute, the team created their own unique blend of botanicals including juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, cassia bark, liquorice root, lapsang souchong tea, nutmeg and bergamot. Try it straight up in a Martini or a classic G&T.

Blueprint Café

Blueprint Cafe 'Tea & G'

In the spirit of all things British, Blueprint Café have given the classic cuppa a boozy twist with their Tea & G. Served in a teapot, the cocktail features Pinksters Gin (yep, it’s actually pink), chamomile reduction, apple juice and lemon sugar, garnished with marmalade.

Old Bengal Bar

Old Bengal Bar Mowgli

Inspired by the new movie, the Old Bengal Bar has turned its terrace into a Jungle Book-inspired garden. Our al fresco cocktail of choice? The Mowgli, made with Tanqueray, Yellow Chartreuse, Vida Mescal, pineapple juice, elderflower cordial, lemon juice and thyme.


Skylon 'Spring Bloom'

Marshmallows and cocktails are definitely not a classic food and beverage pairing, but the Skylon bar team have never been known to stick to the rules. Handcrafted with grown up flavours, The Marshmallowist definitely deviates from your bog-standard pink and white variety. Try the two gin based cocktails, Spring Bloom paired with a Yorkshire rhubarb and violet marshmallow, or the Amere Floraison paired with a bitter orange and white peach marshmallow.

Cantina del Ponte

Cantina del Ponte 'Citrus Cantina'

Our friends down on the Wharf have teamed up with limoncello experts, Pococello, and we are happy to report that the Citrus Cantina is BANGING. Made with Pococello, Vodka Citron, grapefruit and coconut gin topped up with lemonade, it’s just the thing for a balmy summer evening.


Plateau 'Spring Leaf'

The bar at Plateau is well known for its forward-thinking cocktails, and this garden in a glass is no different. The Spring Leaf with Hendricks, St Germain elderflower liqueur, lime juice and fresh mint is going straight on Instagram (#WorldGinDay and all that).

Le Pont de la Tour

Le Pont de la Tour Gin Martini

Always the generous team, Le Pont de la Tour’s world class bartenders have provided two gin-based recipes for anyone going DIY:

Smoked Negroni
25ml Tanqueray
25ml Campari
25ml Martini Rosso
• Burn woodchips on a plate, hold glass upside down over plate to absorb smoke flavour
• Build ingredients into pre-smoked glass with ice and stir briefly
• Garnish of orange wedge

Gin Martini
75ml Jensen’s Dry
5ml Noilly Prat
• Fill mixing glass with ice to chill, do not remove ice
• Pour ingredients into mixing glass, over ice
• Stir for 10 seconds to chill ingredients and dilute
• Pour into pre-chilled Martini glass
• Garnish with twist of lemon

And of course, if you’re feeling lazy… Pull up a chair on the Pont Tropez terrace and get them to make it for you.

German Gymnasium

German Gymnasium Ikenbana Cocktail

Inspired by the Japanese art of flower aranging, the Ikebana cocktail from German Gymnasium contains 2016's trendiest ingredient - Matcha tea. Apparently Ikebena involves positioning the flowers to represent water, earth and heaven... We'll assume the 30ml of Tanqueray gin represents the heaven element. Make it yourself at home with the recipe here

Coq d'Argent

Coq d'Argent Eucalyptus Collins

In celebration of D&D London's #BlossomCity Spring campaign, Coq d'Argent has not one but SIX Tanequary 10 cocktails on the menu. We hate to play favourites, but the Eucalyptus Collins (pictured) with gin, lemon juice, eucalyptus syrup and sparkling water definitely hits the spot on a warm afternoon.